Sustainability is one of the core attributes of POLYMELT America’s polypropylene (PP-R) piping systems, and we take pride in our eco-friendly products. Many traditional piping materials, including steel and copper, can leach chemicals into drinking water, which can negatively impact both people and the local water table over time. Such pipes are prone to corrode or scale, reducing energy efficiency, and eventually must be replaced, which can shorten the useful lifespan of other building components that must be removed for the retrofit. Other pipes leak waste water and cause mold, reducing indoor air quality. These aren’t the kinds of pipes that can support a sustainable future.

POLYMELT products are different. Our piping systems are chemically inert and designed to impact the our environment as little as possible from manufacturing to installation to recycling. They can even help contribute to green building programs and LEED certification.

One of the primary benefits of our pipes and fittings is that PP-R doesn’t corrode or scale, so the systems can typically outlast the buildings in which they are installed. Our heat-fused connections last even longer, remaining virtually leak-free for 60 years or more with almost zero maintenance. That saves building owners money that might be spent on materials and labor to replace old, leaky metal pipes. But POLYMELT products are eco-friendly and efficient even after their long lifespan expires. PP-R is fully recyclable, leading to less waste. Even our scrap materials can be recycled to make new polypropylene products.

Because of these unique properties, our PP-R piping systems contribute to LEED v4 credits. If longlasting, durable, recyclable PP-R is the right fit for your next building project, contact POLYMELT America today for a consultation on how we can meet your needs.