Earlier this year, the federal government imposed a 25-percent tariff on foreign steel and a 10-percent tariff on aluminum. Steel and aluminum prices have risen since. As Chinese and other overseas steelmakers raised their prices in response to the tariffs, U.S. steelmakers raised their prices, too, making it far costlier for engineers and builders to install steel piping systems in their projects moving forward.

While concerns about the tariffs continue, steel pipe has long been subject to unstable pricing, fluctuating dramatically over the past decade. U.S. tariffs appear likely to continue this trend of volatility for the foreseeable future. In response, many contractors, engineers, facility managers, and building owners are switching to POLYMELT America’s polypropylene (PP) piping systems as a more stable and cost-effective solution.

Our rugged, durable polypropylene pipe offers comparable toughness to steel, but it is not subject to tariffs. Consequently, PP piping prices have remained reliably stable and predictable for many years and should continue to do so for a very long time. Designers, contractors, and other professionals can rely on POLYMELT America’s pipes to offer consistent and cost-efficient pricing.

POLYMELT America piping systems offer numerous benefits over steel pipes beyond our lower, more predictable total installed cost, as well. One primary advantage is that PP piping is much lighter on average than carbon steel—about 70 percent lighter, in fact. That makes POLYMELT America piping much faster and easier to install than steel. Our products also have a much longer life span than steel piping systems. POLYMELT America pipes typically last for 60 years or more.

Contractors love POLYMELT America because our piping systems’ heat-fused connections very rarely leak, but do not require any open flame or welding and do not release any volatile organic compounds. Our PP piping systems are even more environmentally friendly than steel. POLYMELT America pipes do not scale or corrode and are fully recyclable. That’s why the installation of our piping systems directly contributes to LEEDv4 credits.

POLYMELT America is new to the North American market, but our parent company has been a leading European piping systems innovator for more than six decades. With steel prices likely to rise again in the near future, POLYMELT has come to America to offer a better, more cost-effective alternative. If you’re ready to join the millions of engineers, contractors, and other professionals around the world who are making the switch to polypropylene pipe, contact our POLYMELT America support team for a consultation on the best PP pipes for your next project.