While we’re absolutely proud of our innovative polypropylene piping systems here at POLYMELT America, it’s a simple fact that PP-R isn’t the only piping available on the marketplace. In addition to widely used copper, steel, and PVC piping, many builders also use flexible cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes. Many of our customers, in fact, prefer to use pipes of different materials in their various building projects, and we’re happy that they do—because different pipes typically serve different purposes.

Pipes of all kinds are used in plumbing, residential fire safety, and radiant heating and cooling systems. Some of these pipes are flexible, which allows them to flex around corners and weave through tight spaces. PEX, for example, is a highly useful material for certain projects. However, not all pipes are designed to handle the larger diameters and high pressure that PP-R piping systems are engineered for, or to last for more than 50 years before being recycled like ours are.

We’ve got threaded adapters and flanges so that our PP-R piping systems can be integrated with copper, steel, and everything else you need. We know that versatility is key to a good piping system, so we always ensure that ours plays well with others.

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