POLYMELT America will cease operations until further notice as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world economy.

To cope with coronavirus-related economic business challenges, POLYMELT’s European board of directors made the decision to reallocate the company’s resources amid the uncertainty that exists in the marketplace today.

“This was a very difficult decision, but unfortunately we will be discontinuing operations in the United States, effective immediately,” said POLYMELT America CEO Diego Grüebler. “I would like to personally thank all of our employees, clients, contractors, manufacturer’s reps and other professionals we’ve been so pleased to work with for the past two years. We have only scratched the surface of the great potential for our products in this market. We´re looking forward to a brighter and stronger future.”

A top producer of durable polypropylene pipes, POLYMELT America established its U.S. headquarters in Houston in 2018. That headquarters will now close, and POLYMELT will cease providing piping to North American customers for the immediate future until global economic conditions become more favorable.

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POLYMELT GmbH is an international piping-systems leader founded in Germany. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, POLYMELT products are the premium industry standard for builders who prize cost, life-cycle, sustainability and operational efficiencies. POLYMELT America is charged with introducing POLYMELT’s innovative, German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings products into the North American marketplace, beginning with the United States. For the time being and until further notice, POLYMELT products will no longer be available in the U.S.