In 2019, POLYMELT America moved into our new headquarters in Houston, Texas. In addition to our corporate offices, this cutting-edge facility in the middle of the continent is also home to our piping system fabrication lab and training studios. Thanks to Texans’ famous hospitality, it feels as though we’ve been here forever already, but in truth, our history and our work span many years and many different countries.

Although POLYMELT America is a new venture founded in 2019, the roots of our company stretch all the way back to 1954, when POLYMELT began producing plastic piping systems in Austria. Initially, they were received as a novelty rather than revolutionary! Over the years, however, POLYMELT products evolved to incorporate new technologies like sound insulation and five-layer construction that rapidly proved to be superior innovations, helping POLYMELT set a new standard for piping systems designed for water supply, ventilation, ducting, waste and water discharge, and more.

Before long, the advantages of our cutting-edge, German-made piping systems became obvious throughout Europe. As our products went into larger and more high-profile building projects, the rest of the world began to take notice, too. Because POLYMELT America’s advanced PP-R piping systems are lighter, easier to work with, and longer-lasting than traditional piping materials, they gradually became the piping system of choice in parts of the globe where modern development was occurring at a very rapid pace. Today, POLYMELT is a very common and trusted brand across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere.

Thanks to more than 60 years of growth and success, POLYMELT America is now able to bring these industry-leading innovations to the North American marketplace for the first time. We believe builders, contractors, and engineers in the U.S. and beyond deserve affordable, easy-to-assemble piping systems that last longer, leave a more eco-friendly footprint, and provide more efficient operating characteristics compared to traditional piping systems.

Since 1954, POLYMELT products have been prized for their strength, durability, and antimicrobial properties by builders and engineers around the world. Are you ready to experience a new level of quality and durability in your piping systems? That’s why we’re here. Contact the friendly team of POLYMELT America piping experts for help creating a system customized to the needs of your next project—and don’t be surprised if we greet you with a howdy!