One of the primary advantages of POLYMELT’s innovative polypropylene (PP-R) piping system is its longevity—our products last far longer than traditional metal pipes such as steel or copper with virtually zero maintenance required. How much longer? POLYMELT PP-R pipes last 50 years or more. Often, they outlast the buildings in which they’re installed.

One of the keys to our products’ longevity is in the five-layer PP-R technology used to construct them. PP-R is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water from its surface. That protects the pipe wall from eroding down or leaking. Ultra-smooth, chemically inert PP-R all but eliminates scaling and corrosion so the performance of the pipe almost never degrades, even without chemical treatment.

PP-R is highly corrosion-resistant, which means purer water and a much longer piping-system lifespan compared to metal pipes. Our pipes will never jam, stick, or fail due to metal-based corrosion. We’re so sure of their longevity that we offer a standard, 10-year warranty on all of our products. Even once a PP-R piping system’s lifespan is complete, it can be recycled rather than dumped in a landfill.

If you still think of plastic as disposable, you haven’t seen PP-R. It’s a strong and dependable plastic that’s ideal for hydronics. Our piping systems often maintain peak performance long after other pipes begin to fail. If you’d rather not replace or maintain pipes that break down, corrode, and scale up, give POLYMELT a try. Our innovative piping systems are designed to last up to 60 years or more with virtually zero leaks.

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