One of the most incredible and hidden benefits of our polypropylene (PP-R) piping products is how absolutely easy they make offsite construction. We recognize the importance of jobsite and budget efficiency to customers across the United States. That’s why POLYMELT America makes our expert piping system prefabrication services available to everyone who is looking to streamline the building process.

The unique characteristics of PP-R make prefabricating piping systems as convenient as possible for contractors. Our products are ideal for prefabrication and transportation without the risk of the pre-fab joints failing due to the unique durability of our pipes’ five-layer polypropylene construction. The unique properties of PP-R pipe combined with the permanent, leak-free bonds created by joining with thermal fusion, creates a monolithic system resistant to damage from seismic activity or from exposure to vibrations, such as on ships, trains and in manufacturing facilities. The only limitations on design are the size of the vehicles which transport the assemblies and the ability to handle them on arrival at building site or offsite construction factory.

For contractors, the prefabrication of your pipe assemblies means that your overall piping installation time is dramatically reduced. Prefabrication leaves the installer with minimal cutting and joining to do on site, so systems are ready for testing and commissioning sooner. This means fewer workers on site, less equipment, and less waste to remove. Because thermal fusion of larger diameter pipes is technically more challenging than smaller pipes, it makes sense to complete as many of these joints as possible under the ideal conditions in our Texas facility rather than at your job site.

That’s not the only benefit to prefabrication, of course. It also provides greater predictability in piping costs, because workers and materials are priced into the delivered assemblies. The production line process means that thermal-fusion joints in an assembly are formed under the best possible conditions in a controlled and clean environment, with experienced operators and specialized equipment.

Our rugged and durable PP-R pipes are lighter than comparable steel and copper pipework, which makes them a breeze to install. If you’d like to know more about prefabrication and what it entails on your end, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our team of PP-R piping experts will answer any questions you may have and provide a custom quote to suit your project timeline.