Looking for a piping system that’s built to last? Look no further. POLYMELT America’s piping systems won’t wear out, corrode, or crumble after installation even after decades of regular use—now that’s PURE PROGRESS.


It’s easy to think of plastic as being disposable, but POLYMELT products are anything but. Using advanced German engineering, we craft durable, lightweight pipes and fittings from polypropylene (PP-R), a strong and dependable plastic that’s ideal for water delivery. Our piping systems last for decades, often maintaining peak performance even after the buildings in which they are installed have worn out and started to fail. Traditional, metallic pipes break down, corrode, and scale up, and when they do, they’re costly and difficult to replace. Our piping systems are designed to last up to 60 years or more with virtually zero leaks.

The secret to our products’ longevity is in the five-layer PP-R technology we use to construct them. PP-R is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water from its surface. That protects the pipe wall from eroding down and leaking. Ultra-smooth, chemically inert PP-R all but eliminates scaling and corrosion so the performance of the pipe doesn’t suffer, even without chemical treatment.

PP-R means less corrosion, which means purer water and a much longer piping-system lifespan compared to metallics. Our pipes will never jam, stick, or fail due to metal-based corrosion. We’re so sure of their longevity that we offer a standard, 10-year warranty on all of our products. We’ll even cover  damages caused by a leak or break during that time—that’s how certain we are of our manufacturing capabilities. Once a PP-R piping system’s lifespan is complete,  nearly 100 percent of it can be recycled.

Are you ready for a piping system that performs as well after 60 years as when it was first installed? Contact us today for a consultation on how POLYMELT America piping systems can ensure your next project lasts a lifetime.