Outdoor piping systems face special challenges that are rarely considered with indoor systems. Decades spent in the sun, wind, and rain can cause many piping materials to corrode, weaken, and even fail. Plastic pipes are not immune to these problems; even some polypropylene (PP-R) pipes. That’s why our team of plastics innovators developed POLYMELT UV piping for outdoor applications—and why we went to extra mile to test its effectiveness.

POLYMELT UV is the world’s first audited UV-resistant PP-R system consisting of pipes and fittings that can be fused together in the same way as standard PP-R. The specially developed material used to create POLYMELT UV ensures UV resistance beyond anything achievable with traditional metal or plastic pipes. That’s because POLYMELT UV is no ordinary polypropylene (PP-R) piping system.

POLYMELT UV consists of our five-layer fiber pipe along with a special range of fittings made of high-grade PP-R. This system was specifically developed for applications in which the pipe distribution is exposed to UV radiation, including outdoor installations. There is no PP-R piping solution in the world more suitable for installation in outdoor environments such as irrigation systems.

Because POLYMELT UV pipe is the first of its kind anywhere, it was important to us that we prove its next-gen resiliency to the elements. So, we took it to the lab. The resistance of POLYMELT UV against ultraviolet radiation was tested by an accredited test laboratory in Germany. In planned intervals during the testing process, samples of the pipe were taken in order to check for possible mechanical changes in a tensile test. In order to ensure that POLYMELT UV could stand up to the toughest outdoor environments on Earth, we exposed the pipe to the kind of radiation that can only be found in the desert.

The test used irradiation equivalent to more than 10 years of sunlight exposure in the city of Assuan, Egypt—the sunniest place on the planet. The POLYMELT UV piping did not degrade, corrode, weaken, or crumble. It worked as well in the Egyptian solar radiation as it would indoors or even buried in concrete.

To further demonstrate our pride in the development of the world’s first audited UV-resistant PP-R piping system, POLYMELT America offers a 10-year UV-resistance guarantee. If your POLYMELT UV piping system is damaged or weakened during the warranty period, we’ll replace it for free.

If you’re ready to experience the world’s best outdoor piping solution, contact POLYMELT America today. Our customer support team is ready to answer your questions and provide a complete consultation suited to your specific needs and requirements.