POLYMELT America is extremely proud to bring German-made polypropylene (PP-R) solutions to the North American marketplace. Not only because we’re excited to revolutionize the way engineers, contractors, and building owners spend their time and money on building projects in the U.S., but because we also believe strongly that PP-R piping is the solution to longstanding concerns within the construction industry—and we’re not alone.

Plastic piping systems, including POLYMELT PP-R pipes and fittings, are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice designed to last for generations before being recycled and reused. Compared to traditional, metal pipes, plastics are energy-efficient during manufacturing and provide peak protection from contamination during their long service life.

Strong, durable, light-weight and flexible, plastic piping systems like ours require significantly less energy to fabricate, transport, and install than metal or concrete alternatives. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, plastic piping systems also supply longer service life, excellent joint performance, and dramatically less leakage, adding up to exceptional value.

To help spread the word about the engineering advantages and eco-friendly characteristics of PP-R piping systems, POLYMELT America is pleased to partner with the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI), a non-profit industry organization dedicated to advancing the use of plastic pipe systems through research, education, technical expertise, and advocacy. PPI works tirelessly to inform construction industry leaders and government regulators alike about the significant advantages plastic piping systems can offer.

In April, the PPI came before the U.S. Congress to advocate opening up federally funded infrastructure projects to include thermoplastic pipe, which has been shown to increase the elimination of plastic waste.

“Fair and open competition of qualified products is the gateway to not only reducing costs, but also to increasing the productive use of plastic waste,” explained PPI President Tony Radoszewski explained. “When companies know they have new markets to pursue, in this case plastics pipe manufacturers being included in the bid process, they are comfortable funding new technologies, such as how to use more recycled plastic in their products.”

Learn more about how PP-R piping systems can help eliminate plastic waste while satisfying federal infrastructure needs in an open competition environment from Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine at the link below.