Almost nothing is worse for a piping system than a leak. Leakage reduces flow rates, increases electricity costs for pumping, cuts profits, increases treatment and maintenance costs, creates back-siphon contamination risk, and requires continual monitoring and replacement. These industry-wide problems demand a leak-free solution—which is exactly what POLYMELT America aims to provide.

Unlike traditional metal pipes, POLYMELT polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings don’t require any threading or welding. Instead, our pipes are joined using a process called thermal fusion, or heat fusion. In the thermal-fusion process, two lengths of PP-R pipe are literally fused into one homogenous piece of durable plastic.

Almost anyone can quickly master the art of thermal fusion. Using specialized tools, the pipe ends are heated without using any open flames or releasing any fumes. When the polyethylene pipe ends are hot enough, the molecular structure is transformed from a crystalline state into an amorphous state. Next, when specific fusion pressure is applied, the shapeless molecules from each pipe end mix together into one. As the joint cools, the molecules return to their crystalline state, the original interfaces are gone, and the two pipes have become one homogeneous, leak-free pipe. In fact, the process known as socket fusion allows contractors to create new PP-R joints that are stronger than the pipe itself in both tensile strength and pressure conditions, therefore producing one continuous, leak-free piping system.

Thermal fusion of POLYMELT PP-R piping systems eliminates all mechanical joints (and potential leaks) in pipes, fittings, and service connections. These long-lasting, leak-free piping systems result in lower life-cycle costs over their 60+ year lifespan, allowing for increased profit with zero maintenance and zero leakage. It’s a radical departure from traditional pipes: All ductile iron and PVC piping systems are categorically engineered with certain leakage allowances taken into account. Our leakage allowance is zero! We’re so confident in the performance of our product that we offer a 10-year warranty on all of our pipes and fittings after installation.

If you’d like to learn more about thermal fusion and see how it works for yourself, contact POLYMELT today for a demonstration!