Building owners, contractors, and engineers around the world are switching from copper pipe to POLYMELT polypropylene (PP-R) pipe due to our products’ exemplary lifespan, weight, and warranty. But there’s another potentially costly reason to make the switch that anyone who has used copper pipe is likely aware of: Copper pipe is highly susceptible to theft.

Due to its fluctuating scrap value, copper has a tendency to walk off the jobsite. Like copper, POLYMELT PP-R pipe is fully recyclable, but it has no scrap value. Consequently, the price of PP-R remains stable, without the high material costs or added risk of theft that comes along with copper piping. That makes our pipes invaluable to builders, but worthless to thieves.

In addition to the materials savings, POLYMELT piping is about 10 percent faster to install than copper. That helps keep labor costs down, especially on large-scale projects like the high-rises and industrial facilities around the world where POLYMELT is currently in use. Many such projects in the U.S. are based on competitive bid, which makes the stable, efficient cost of PP-R critical.

Perhaps the foremost advantage our PP-R piping solutions hold over copper pipes, however, is the long service life that they provide. Our pipes and fittings last up to 60 years or more with little to no maintenance.

Unlike copper, our pipes’ natural properties do not require them to be insulated (although they can be insulated if desired). Their installation is simple. And because POLYMELT pipe systems can stand up to 35 percent expansion, you don’t have to worry about busted pipes during cold snaps.

If you’re tired of factoring the potential for copper theft into your project cost estimates, contact us today to discuss a better solution. Our piping system experts are standing by to provide you with the answers you need.