Maintenance can be a significant challenge with traditional, metal pipes. Scaling, corrosion, and degradation must be factored into these pipes’ overall cost, and repairing and replacing metal piping systems choked by scaling can become expensive and labor-intensive over time.

Comparatively, the maintenance of POLYMELT PP-R piping systems is a breeze. In fact, most of our piping systems require little to no maintenance over their 50-year lifespan.

The advanced properties of polypropylene (PP-R) are responsible for our pipes’ surprising durability. PP-R is chemically inert, so it reacts to few if any chemicals within and without your piping system. The heat-fused joints maintain the same properties as the pipe itself, so physical stresses will not compromise their integrity. Additionally, our multi-layer composite pipe construction dramatically reduces thermal expansion and can withstand constant temperatures consistent with hydronic heating design.

Our pipes are joined with heat fusion, so there are no mechanical fittings or gaskets to fail. Instead, pipes and fittings are fused together at the molecular level to create one, solid piece of polypropylene. This absence of mechanical fittings substantially minimizes the chance of damage related to leaks. It also means that virtually zero maintenance is required of our pipes throughout their entire lifespan. We’re so confident in our products that we offer a 10-year warranty on every pipe we sell.

Our pipe is also highly resistant to corrosion and scaling, so no additional chemical treatments, paints, or wrappings are required. PP-R pipes have a better friction coefficient than metal pipes, resulting in lower pumping costs. POLYMELT pipes and fittings do not contain toxic materials and do not emit VOCs or other dangerous compounds, even when exposed to fire.

Our eco-friendly pipes work so well for so long that they almost never require replacement, sometimes outlasting the buildings in which they are installed. The best way to maintain your POLYMELT PP-R piping system is to install it correctly. Before and after installation, keep the pipes shielded from unsafe temperatures or environments. Inspect your piping system regularly to check for potential damage.

POLYMELT makes training available to our customers so that they can learn and understand how to properly maintain and—if necessary—repair piping systems over time. Contact POLYMELT America today for a free consultation from our experienced team of piping experts about maintenance requirements for our PP-R pipes and fittings.