POLYMELT America knows that there are concerns from some consumers about the possibility of chemical leaching from plastic pipes. Water transported by some plastic piping materials, such as PEX, has been subjected to laboratory testing that found trace amounts of plastic-related chemicals. Although this water didn’t contain any substances that exceeded federal drinking water standards, it was nonetheless alarming to water purity experts.

No PEX is used in POLYMELT America’s products. Our pipes and fittings are manufactured from polypropylene (PP-R), a chemically inert plastic. Due to this natural property, polypropylene was originally used for high-purity water and acid-waste systems because of its chemical purity. PP-R is ideal for highly reactive applications because it does not react with most chemicals. This means our piping systems are well-suited for everyday applications like potable water or heating and cooling.

POLYMELT PP-R does not react with water or most dissolved chemicals that may be in the water. This prevents corrosion, scaling, and erosion, the three major causes of long-term piping failure. And unlike copper or other plastics, PP-R won’t leach any trace chemicals into potable water, protecting the health and safety of both our piping systems and the people who use them.

The connections used to joint our pipes and fittings are chemically pure, as well. No glues, solders, or gaskets are ever used on our pipes or fittings. Instead, they are joined using heat fusion. Heat fusion turns the pipe and fitting into a single continuous piece of PP-R, with no additional chemicals needed to create a water-tight seal. Every piece of our piping systems is PP-R, and none of it reacts with water or any other medium your system is carrying. We take pride in the chemical purity of our products, and chemical leeching is not an issue our customers have to deal with.

If you have any specific questions about the purity of POLYMELT America’s German-made PP-R piping systems, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of water-purity experts.