POLYMELT America is committed to sustainability in all its forms. It’s part of a company culture we call Pure Progress. Of course, no commitment to sustainability can be possible without planning for the impact of our business on our planet and its human and wildlife environments.

POLYMELT America works hard to minimize our impact on the environment in every way possible. Our pipes are non-leaching and fully recyclable, so no piping material is wasted. Because PP-R doesn’t corrode or scale, our systems can often outlast the buildings they are installed in. The thermal-fused connections can last even longer, with virtually zero leaks or maintenance.

The secret to the sustainability of our products is the base material from which they are constructed: polypropylene random copolymer. The cutting-edge material is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. There are no polluting substances with PP-R either in its processing or disposal. Like any plastic, PP-R will burn and produce smoke if exposed to flame long enough. Even in such a case, however, no toxic fumes are released by PP-R.

In our German and Austrian factories, POLYMELT America adheres to very strict production standards for sustainability, using the lowest impact manufacturing processes available to us. Pure Progress means constantly working to improve further. It’s not just our job. It’s also our passion!

We only sell products that are extremely long-lived, 100-percent recyclable, and made with the lowest-possible impact to the environment. If you have questions about POLYMELT America’s commitment to Pure Progress and sustainability, please contact us today.