For mechanical contractors, building owners, and project managers, POLYMELT’s polypropylene (PP-R) pipe is the ideal solution for maximizing efficiency on the jobsite. From greywater plumbing applications to hydronic and geothermal systems, POLYMELT saves time on a variety of commercial projects with its many advantages and benefits.

Because of its malleable properties, PP-R can be fabricated, fused, and customized to fit the needs of a variety of commercial drainage and HVAC applications. POLYMELT’s versatile features include:

• Resistant to most chemicals
• Increased flow rate
• Fast, welded connections
• Light, impact-resistant material
• Corrosion-free pipe and fittings
• Natural sound and thermal insulation
• Long lasting
• Fully recyclable
• High-thermal stabilization

Many of our customers who have never worked with PP-R before want to know about the safety of installing it in commercial buildings. Does PP-R present any liability due to toxicity or other environmental factors? We’re proud to answer that POLYMELT products are PPR pipes are non-toxic and safe. Around the world, PP-R pipes are safely used in clean drinking-water systems.

Even if burned, PP-R pipes and fittings do not release toxic gases. After decades of sustainable use, our products are even 100-percent recyclable. After being broken down and cleaned, PP-R pipes can be used again.

POLYMELT pipes conform to international NSF guidelines for health and safety. In fact, the extraordinary safety record of PP-R across the globe is one of the primary motivators causing engineers, building owners, and contractors to switch to PP-R from metallic and plastic alternatives. If you’d like to know more about how our PP-R piping systems are made or how NSF certifies PP-R pipes, contact us today for a free consultation.