In every region of the United States, contractors and building owners face increasing uncertainty and volatility when steel pipe is selected for use in mechanical HVAC piping systems. Much of this volatility is due to the federal tariffs on steel and aluminum from overseas. There has been little sign that the tariffs will be ended anytime soon—in fact, they are more likely to increase. At the same time, Chinese steel exports are falling, causing prices to go up.

When manufacturing costs rise, consumers always ultimately foot the bill in the form of higher prices. So, how can builders eliminate this risk and uncertainty from their projects?

Given the uncertainty and volatility of the steel pipe market, POLYMELT America’s polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe offers a better option than ever for mechanical piping systems. The price of PP-R pipe has remained remarkably stable and predictable for decades. Engineers planning mechanical systems (and contractors bidding on them) can always expect the price of PP-R pipe not to fluctuate based on any tariffs or other upheavals in the global commodities markets.

Predictable total installed cost is a major benefit of our piping solutions. However, stable pricing is just one of the benefits POLYMELT PP-R pipe offers over steel. Additional benefits include their much lighter weight, much longer expected life span, and, thanks to thermal fusion, virtually leak-free connections that do not require any open flame or welding. Plus, PP-R pipe will not scale or corrode the way metal pipes do.

In a global marketplace where metal piping system prices rise and fall, POLYMELT offers a stable, cost-efficient alternative. We assist contractors, engineers, facility managers, and building owners keep their competitive edge by offering a superior piping system backed by a 10-year warranty. If you’re ready to stop worrying about steel prices and tariffs, contact POLYMELT today for a free consultation. We’ve got a piping solution for your project needs.