It’s an uncomfortable truth: The skilled trades are facing a labor shortage in the United States. Between Baby Boomers retiring, construction workers who found new fields after the real-estate bubble burst, and the slow trickle of new students entering PHVACR trade schools and programs rather than seeking university degrees, the need for skilled labor has perhaps never been more urgent, particularly following flooding and other natural disasters that necessitate lots of building and renovation. In a recent survey, the Associated General Contractors of America found that 70 percent of contracting firms were having difficulty finding skilled craft workers to hire.

Furthering education in the trades sectors is certainly one answer to the problem, but not a useful one for construction firms that are stretched thin now, today. To help, POLYMELT America is pitching in by offering a complete design and fabrication shop featuring BIM integration and custom piping-system pre-fabrication.

Even as some firms struggle to find enough skilled workers to build and install traditional piping systems made from steel or other materials, we’re offering builders a professional staff and warehouse stocked with cutting-edge fusion-welding equipment to deliver comprehensive, custom polypropylene-piping system design and fabrication services. Thanks to Revit-compatible BIM software made available by our partners MEP connect, engineers, designers, and contractors can now model their facility and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the model’s database.

Next, our team quickly and meticulously fabricates a custom-detailed piping system at our North American headquarters in Houston. The assembled system then is carefully shipped to any job site in the U.S. so that the installer can essentially just plug in this fully customized solution. In addition to the material savings, these PP-R piping systems also produce significant labor-cost savings by requiring far fewer skilled tradesmen.

Want to see POLYMELT America’s Revit-compatible BIM capabilities first-hand? Contact us today to set up a custom demonstration of how much time and money we could save you on your next project.