HOUSTON, March 11, 2019 (Newswire.com) – As federal tariffs make steel pipe costs volatile and unpredictable across the United States, buyers increasingly look for alternatives in a competitive marketplace. POLYMELT America offers a premium, price-stable alternative that outperforms steel in a number of categories.

The result of six decades of cutting-edge German innovation, the PP-R piping systems average 80 percent less weight than carbon steel, saving builders significant costs in transportation and installation time versus steel. Additionally, the company’s polypropylene pipes and fittings offer a much longer lifespan than their metallic counterparts, lasting 60 years or more with virtually zero leaks and no corrosion or scaling.

“Where steel piping falls short, our PP-R piping systems excel,” said POLYMELT America Business Development Manager Dalton Clark. “Not only are our products faster and easier to install than steel or copper, they are much longer-lasting. That means our customers can save money on installation, operation and maintenance over decades of use.”

No welding or open flame is required to install PP-R pipes. The products’ virtually leak-free, heat-fused connections are highly durable and do not release any volatile organic compounds. The inert properties of PP-R reduce or eliminate costly water treatment practices, and at the end of their lifespan, the pipes are fully recyclable.

POLYMELT’s German-made polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings are industry-standard products in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East thanks to their supreme hygiene, insulation and ease of installation. More importantly, they provide superior strength and durability to steel pipes without being subject to tariffs or unpredictable price fluctuations. In 2019, the company enters the North American marketplace with products designed for plumbing, mechanical and outdoor applications.

For more information on POLYMELT America’s innovative products, please visit POLYMELT.us.

About POLYMELT America

POLYMELT America Inc. is a new subsidiary of POLYMELT GmbH, an international piping-systems leader founded in Germany. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, POLYMELT products are the premium industry standard for builders who prize cost, life-cycle, sustainability and operational efficiencies. POLYMELT America is charged with introducing POLYMELT’s innovative, German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings products into the North American marketplace, beginning with the United States. POLYMELT America is headquartered in Houston, Texas.