When you follow proper procedures, fitting and installing POLYMELT America’s PP-R pipes can be faster and easier than metallic pipes. However, some care must be taken in order to keep the project under control and safe. Here are eight important tips that we recommend you follow when fusing and installing our PP-R products.

1. Review Safety Instructions
Thermal fusion of POLYMELT piping requires tools. Every operator should read their tool’s safety instructions. If you have any questions, or would need further clarification on any item listed, contact your tool manufacturer’s customer support team.

2. Review Material Safety Data
It’s important to be familiar with POLYMELT products’ ingredients, fire and explosion hazard information, preventative actions, and first-aid recommendations. Contact us to request material data sheets for the products we provide.

3. Train Your Team
Train all personnel on how to properly use the welder(s) they will be operating. Specifically, demonstrate how to turn the welder on, run it, shut it down, clean it after use, and what to do in the event of a malfunction or emergency.

4. Secure Tools Properly Between Uses
After completing a joint, an operator may be tempted to leave the thermal-fusion tool idle. Because the machine may still be hot, make sure to position the tool in a secure and protected fashion, keeping it away from heavy traffic areas and flammable materials.

5. Clean Work Area
Remove any clutter from the work area to ensure a full range of movement. This helps the operator avoid knocking over or spilling anything that may damage the plastic material, catch fire, or require an immediate cleanup. Hastily setting down tools to clean messes can lead to damage or improper storage between use.

6. Use Caution
Tools designed to cut PP-R piping are sharp and can produce injuries if caution is not used. Always be aware of the inherent dangers of using cutting tools and treat them with care and respect. Follow all manufacturer guidelines and instructions at all times.

7. Properly Maintain Tools
Remove any melted plastic after each use. In addition, make sure to replace any frayed or sliced electrical cords to avoid accidental shock. Follow any and all maintenance procedures as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

8. Wear Proper Protective Equipment
Make sure all operators are wearing the proper protective equipment (PPE) to limit exposure to heated surfaces, as well as any possible airborne plastic or debris. PPE should include long-sleeve shirts, pants, gloves, and protective eyewear.

If you have any questions about the safe use or installation of POLYMELT pipes and fittings, please contact our customer support team today.