Metallic piping systems have been the industry standard in the United States for generations.
Galvanized iron, steel, copper, and other materials have served builders and contractors well
over many years. But technology and innovation push us forward every day, and now POLYMELT America is here to push your piping system forward, as well.

Our five-layer polypropylene (PP-R) pipes were designed to provide a better total solution than traditional metallic pipes can currently offer. The attributes of this ultra-strong material allow our piping
systems to do things that other piping systems cannot. Finally, builders, contractors, and
engineers have a new choice to consider when installing a new piping system. Here are the
advantages that have made our products the industry standard in Europe, Asia, the Middle
East, and now North America:

1. PP-R pipes are lighter than metal pipes.
While some metallic piping materials are lighter than others, POLYMELT America’s PP-R pipes
outperform the competition pound by pound in a convincing fashion. Our products’ lighter weights help keep transportation and jobsite handling costs as low as possible.

2. PP-R pipes are smoother than metal pipes.
The interior surfaces of our PP-R pipes are smooth and non-porous to a degree that can’t be matched by metallics. These smoother internal surfaces create less friction and less buildup, causing less
stress on the system and lengthening its lifespan.

3. PP-R pipes achieve a faster flow rate more easily than metallic pipes.
The near-frictionless interior of our pipes requires less power to move water through and
reduces the associated cost in electricity. Metallic pipes simply can’t achieve the same

4. PP-R pipes are more resistant to corrosion than metallic pipes.
Polypropylene doesn’t rust, corrode, or scale the way metal does. Less corrosion means purer
water and a much longer piping-system lifespan versus metallics. Our pipes will never jam, stick,
or fail due to metal-based corrosion.

5. PP-R pipes leak far less than metallic pipes.
It’s a simple truth: Water degrades metal, and therefore metallic pipes will leak. Whether it is a pinholed sidewall or an aged mechanical connection, water creates a way out of metals. POLYMELT
America’s PP-R pipes are naturally hydrophobic and use heat fusion to build completely monolithic systems. They are virtually leak-free, saving our customers a bundle on lost resources and repairs. We even offer a 10-year warranty on all our products.

6. PP-R pipes save you money over their lifespan.
PP-R pipes are less costly to move and transport, faster to install, resistant to corrosion and
damage, and much longer-lasting than metallic piping systems, saving significant costs in
transportation, installation, maintenance, and replacement over decades of use.

If you want to know exactly how much our PP-R products can improve the performance of your
piping system over metallics or you simply want to know how much time and money they can
save you, let’s talk. Contact our customer service team today for a consultation on your
project’s unique needs.