POLYMELT America’s world-renowned polypropylene (PP-R) piping systems have numerous advantages that make them ideal for use in chiller plant construction and repair. But are our PP-R pipes really the best solution for chiller plants? Let’s review the evidence:

1. PP-R is hydrophobic.
Our pipes don’t need any coatings to remain hydrophobic throughout their lifespan. They naturally resist wetting due to the unique characteristics of their polypropylene construction.

2. PP-R is chemically inert.
The chemical purity of our piping systems makes them a great choice for any environmental system. They will never result in any toxic chemical exposure.

3. PP-R resists any form of change to the material wall, such as scaling or corrosion.
In addition to making our pipes incredibly durable and long-lived, PP-R’s natural resistance to virtually all scaling and corrosion guarantees a consistent flow rate for up to 50 years or more.

4. High and low temperatures are not a problem for PP-R.
Chillers operate at temperatures well within the range suitable for our PP-R pipe. POLYMELT products last for decades with virtually no maintenance despite the requisite chilling.

5. POLYMELT PP-R pipe is joined at the molecular level.
No welding permits, open flames, sparks, solvents, glues, or fumes required! PP-R pipes go together quickly and reliably with thermal fusion, saving time and labor.

There are other reasons to consider specifying PP-R that are important considerations for any project, chiller or not. The first is the uncertainty of metal pipe prices in an era of tariffs. Price is always going to be a factor for building owners and managers who are making the purchasing decisions when it comes to their chiller system, and unlike metal pipe, our PP-R products offer stable, predictable pricing.

The second is that unlike copper tubing, PP-R pipe has no value to thieves, thus eliminating the risk of job site theft. In addition, PP-R materials are 100-percent recyclable.

If you’re ready to explore the use of POLYMELT PP-R piping in your next cooling project, contact us today for answers. We’ll provide a free quote and consultation.