POLYMELT America has only been serving the U.S. marketplace for a relatively short time. That doesn’t mean we’re a new company, however. Our history goes back more than 60 years to the nation of Austria, where our earliest plastic pipe innovators began working on new designs for
ducting pipes in the 1950s.

As manufacturing technology improved, so did our products. First, POLYMELT developed new uses for PVC material and other plastics. With the development of multicomponent injection molding and layered polypropylene (PP-R) piping, however, we were able to create vastly superior piping systems: Sturdier, more longitudinally stable, longer-lasting, and recyclable.

Today, our POLYMELT Mechanical line plastic pipe systems are specially designed and developed for HVAC and other mechanical applications. Thanks to the latest technology and material properties built on 60 years of research, this extremely resistant and durable five-layer PP-R piping system represents a major leap forward in HVAC installation. Our PP-R pipe system not only improves the quality of life and work environment for the people who live, work, and play in the completed building, it also improves the workflow of contractors and builders during installation.

POLYMELT Mechanical renders brittle metal pipes and corrosion a thing of the past. Boasting an extremely long service life and a fully developed and comprehensive range of pipes and fittings from a single supplier, POLYMELT Mechanical is a faster, easier, longer-lasting option for every type of installation with no additional corrosion-protective measures required. Plus, POLYMELT pipes also offer you additional innovative benefits:

  • High stability, insignificant linear expansion, and low weight of the pipes provide easy
  • Sustainable and efficient operation of the system.
  • Thermal fusion joining technology requires no open-flame permits and emits no fumes.
  • All components are made by the same manufacturer, which means that they are all of
    the same high quality and perfectly match one another.

Are you looking for the best, longest-lasting piping system for your next HVAC, compressed air, or ducting installation? Contact us today! POLYMELT America offers a 10-year warranty on every product we sell because we know how durable they are. Discover the innovative piping that’s setting a new standard for mechanical piping systems around the globe!