At POLYMELT America, we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. That means it’s not enough that our pipes are long-lasting and fully recyclable. We’ve worked hard to ensure that, unlike some other plastic or metal pipes, our piping systems will never leach potentially harmful chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, or particulates into water or the environment.

The primary reason that we designed our pipes to be chemically inert is that we want to build products that are safer for both people and the environment. But the chemical purity of polypropylene (PP-R) actually helps our systems perform better and last longer than other materials, too. POLYMELT PP-R does not react with water or most dissolved chemicals that may be in the water. This prevents corrosion, scaling, and erosion, the three major causes of long-term piping failure. And unlike copper or other plastics, PP-R won’t leach any trace chemicals into potable water, protecting the health and safety of both our piping systems and the people who use them.

The connections used to joint our pipes and fittings are chemically pure, as well. No glues or solders are ever used on our pipes or fittings. Instead, they are joined using heat fusion. Heat fusion turns the pipe and fitting into a single continuous piece of PP-R, with no additional chemicals needed to create a water-tight seal. Every piece of our piping systems is PP-R, and none of it reacts with water or most any other medium your system is carrying. We take pride in the chemical purity of our products, and chemical leeching is not an issue our customers have to deal with.

Even after the lifespan of our piping systems is complete and the buildings in which they installed are refurbished or torn down, POLYMELT pipes never need to be taken to the landfill or destroyed. Our systems are 100-percent recyclable, so they can once again be turned into something useful rather than lying around unused and exposed to the environment.

If you have any specific questions about the purity of POLYMELT America’s German-made PP-R piping systems, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of water-purity experts.

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