A great company is more than its products. It’s more than its employees. More than its locations.
Great companies are built on ideals. POLYMELT America stands for responsible and targeted management, and for trust-based collaboration with our customers. For international orientation and stable success. In order to meet all of our responsibilities, POLYMELT America makes sustainability our highest priority.

How do we build not just products that last, but a brand that lasts, too? As an international business, we do not only want to serve the market, but also to shape 
it. Innovative strength, technological progress, and digitization are part of our sustainable success in the future. Put simply, we engineer everything we do with the future in mind. As we expand our operations in North America, our goal is always to expand continuously in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Through more than sixty years in business, POLYMELT has repeatedly proved to be an innovative technology leader. Our motto, “PURE PROGRESS,” connects our past with the future and expresses the most innovative feature of our corporate culture: promoting innovation. We place people at the center of our activities and create an atmosphere that inspires and stimulates the development of new ideas. Technological development has been the key to our success throughout our company’s history, and it’s helped us become a world leader in sustainability practices. The beneficial innovations go beyond extrusion and multi-layer manufacturing—they make it possible for POLYMELT to be a responsible citizen of the world.

We guarantee products with reliable quality, of course. But we also take our responsibility to our customers and for the environment seriously. This applies to how we treat waste water and CO2 emissions, as well as how we adhere to safety standards and recycling. Taken together, this is what sustainability means to us—for the entire life of a product. We are successfully committed to zero pellet loss, energy efficiency, a minimal carbon footprint, emissions reduction, and product safety. It’s a commitment that has made us successful all around the world.

We consider sustainability not as a trend, but as a vibrant part of our corporate culture. For a deeper understanding of how we achieve our goals, download our 2019 Sustainability Report now.