At POLYMELT America, we take great pride in our customer service. Too many contractors, engineers, and building owners across the United States have had bad experiences with their piping manufacturers—especially the big-name polypropylene (PP-R) pipe makers. At POLYMELT America, we take care to ensure that every purchasing experience with us is positive because we want your business again in the future!

Our customer service begins before you buy. Our team of PP-R piping experts is always available to answer your questions and provide custom solutions ideally suited to the needs of your project. Whether we’ve worked with you multiple times in the past or we’ve never met before, please feel free to contact us anytime. We return messages promptly because we understand the concept of deadlines. We’ll make sure you have the important information you need to make a buying decision quickly.

We believe strongly in the quality of our products. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on everything we sell. If our pipes and fitting break after installation, we’ll not only replace what broke, we’ll compensate you for the property, equipment and materials damaged by the break, as well. We go this extra mile because we value ALL of our customers! We want you to be able to count on our products to perform like the best in the world, so we guarantee that they will.

Even after your warranty period is up, however, POLYMELT America will remain at your disposal. We are happy to consult with you on your system’s operation and maintenance, and we’ll continue to answer any questions you may have. Our resources are always at your disposal because we know that’s what you need to stay happy with your purchase of our PP-R piping systems. You aren’t just buying pipes—you’re getting a lifetime of our expertise, as well.

If you’re ready to learn more about what POLYMELT America has to offer, drop us a line today. Let us prove that we’re the industry’s most responsive manufacturer!