As a piping solution for mechanical applications, POLYMELT America’s polypropylene (PP-R) products enjoy many distinct advantages over competing metallic or plastic piping options. How many advantages? Enough that we have to break them down into separate categories to keep them organized! If you’re curious about what PP-R pipes have to offer, read on to discover how this cutting-edge material can dramatically boost the efficiency of your next building project.

Chemical Purity
• PP-R is durable and chemically inert, and will not react with water or many dissolved chemicals in water.
• PP-R is resistant to corrosion, scaling, and erosion—three major causes of long-term piping failure.
• Unlike copper and many plastics, PP-R piping and its connections will not leach harmful chemicals.

Longevity and Reliability
• PP-R lasts for decades in piping applications—often longer than the building in which our pipes are installed.
• Engineered PP-R has added heat stabilizers, which protect our pipe and fittings from spikes in temperature and boiler malfunction.
• PP-R can be safely buried in soil, sand, or concrete without affecting performance.
• Our systems are suitable for direct-buried and trenchless applications.

• PP-R lasts the life of the building (or longer).
• PP-R does not leach chemicals.
• Our smooth piping does not increase pumping energy needed over time due to corrosion or scaling.
• The leak-resistance or our durable and heat-fused connections reduces mold and IAQ risks.
• PP-R does notemit toxic materials such as chlorine, BPAs, dioxins, phthalates, or VOCs.
• PP-R is 100-percent free of heavy metals.
• Heat fusion allows for flame-and emission-free installation.
• Our systems can contribute to green building credits.
• PP-R is fully recyclable throughout its life cycle. Insulation Value
• PP-R has natural insulation (an R-value of 1) and noise-reduction properties.

Lightweight Materials
• Our pipe weighs 75–80 percent less than comparable metals.
• Installers can carry more pipes with less fatigue and fewer safety risks.
• Instead of glues, solders, or gaskets, PP-R uses heat fusion, which turns the pipe and fitting into a single continuous piece of PP-R that eliminates any leak path.
• PP-R offers multiple connections including fittings and valves for straightforward installation.
• PP-R joints do not crack or leak as they’re transported to installation sites.
• After a brief learning curve, contractors typically increase productivity, resulting in time savings.
• On-site prefabrication speeds installations.
• No flame or smoke or fumes are produced during installation.
• POLYMELT systems may require fewer hanger supports because of rigidity.
• Unlike copper and other metals, PP-R will not be stolen from your jobsite for scrap value.

Cost Savings
• One of the biggest cost-savers from using PP-R is installation speed.
• The cost of PP-R material is more stable than copper and other metals and not susceptible to tariffs.

Code Compliance
• Our pipe meets requirements of most building codes.
• POLYMELT PP-R products adhere to NSF standards.

• Being chemically inert and hydrophobic maintains performance without chemical treatment.
• We offer flexible lengths and connections.
• PP-R offers high volumetric flow.

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