When POLYMELT made the decision to form POLYMELT America and enter the North American piping systems marketplace, we knew the best place to announce our polypropylene products’ new availability in the U.S. would be AHR Expo 2019 in Atlanta. The world’s largest HVACR marketplace, we knew this tradeshow would be filled with engineers, contractors, designers, and other professionals looking to educate themselves on the latest and greatest piping systems. Simply put, we were not disappointed.

One of the first things we discovered from attendees at AHR Expo 2019 was that U.S. steel tariffs have more and more builders open to the idea of a more cost-effective solution with comparable durability to steel. So many attendees wanted to know if polypropylene (PP) piping systems from POLYMELT America could provide the answer they were looking for. Because we can offer far more stable and predictable pricing than steel products as well as superior product weight, lifespan, hygiene, and many other advantages, we experienced great interest in our new U.S. offerings.

We also learned that there is great demand in the North American market for premium HVACR products. Already well familiar with the drawbacks to traditional piping systems, AHR attendees wanted to know more about the German engineering at the heart of every POLYMELT America piping system and why our pipe has become the industry standard in performance and durability in international markets as different as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Most of all, they wanted to know if POLYMELT America would deliver the same premium piping products to the American market that are prized by overseas builders. Good news: The answer is yes!

One fact we were struck by in Atlanta was the volume of expo attendees who were looking for better customer support from their piping systems providers. Too often, we found, contractors and builders discover that customer service ends with the sale. At POLYMELT America, we do things differently. In addition to a 10-year warranty on every pipe and fitting we sell, we will ensure that contractors have the educational resources they need to easily and properly install our pipe systems in any building with zero hassles. The professionals we met at AHR Expo 2019 were looking for a true partner who can solve their installation and maintenance challenges. We promise to deliver.

The most important thing we learned at AHR Expo 2019 was that U.S. HVACR professionals take great pride in their jobs. We came to America because we wanted the best building projects going up around the country to have cutting-edge, superior piping systems inside. We were so impressed by everyone we met at this incredible trade show. If you stopped by our AHR Expo booth in 2019, we thank you for helping to spread the word about our premium polypropylene pipes. We look forward to serving your needs for many years to come. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! In the meantime, if you have any questions about POLYMELT America’s products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at .