One of the main advantages of POLYMELT PP-R piping for contractors is the speed and ease with which our piping systems can be constructed using the process of thermal fusion. Rather than using welds, glue, solder, or a mechanical connection and gasket, thermal fusion physically turns the two pieces of plastic into one piece. The process is similar to welding, but doesn’t require a filler material and, in POLYMELT’s case, thermal fusion does not weaken PP-R at the point of connection. Our thermal fusion connections use a large joining area, making the connection at least as strong as the pipe itself.

The first step most contractors face when it comes to thermal fusion is getting their hands on the necessary tools and learning how to do it. POLYMELT America partners with several excellent tool manufacturers to ensure our customers can get the tools they need to work with our pipes, including McElroy, Widos, and Ritmo. Fortunately, once you have the proper tools, learning how to perform professional-grade thermal fusion of PP-R piping is very simple. It doesn’t require any special welding permits because fusion tools don’t use an open flame and because our pipes don’t produce any toxic gases when heated.

The place to start your introduction to thermal fusion is with our POLYMELT Fusion Manual, a critical resource for professional technician installers. You can download the Fusion Manual here. The next step is to receive thermal fusion training from a professional. We conduct training classes at our Houston headquarters and elsewhere across the country. Contact our team today and we can set up a training for you or direct you to a training course near you.

Thermal fusion of PP-R piping is simple—and fun, too! A skilled PP-R fabricator can assemble fused POLYMELT piping systems quickly and more easily than pipe systems that require welding or glue. To get started with your thermal fusion education, please contact us. We have staff dedicated to answering your questions because providing you a solution is the core of our business. Whether it involves design, application, fabrication, build strategy, equipment, training, or fusion practices, we’re here to help. Please reach out at

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