Polypropylene (PP-R) piping systems are known for their purity and durability, lasting up to 60 years or more of regular usage with virtually no maintenance required. Unfortunately, some PP-R piping systems are vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) degradation, which means that they can be weakened or damaged by sunlight over time. For this reason, many PP-R piping systems are unsuitable for outdoor applications or prolonged exposure to the sun.

POLYMELT America, however, offers PP-R piping systems that are resistant to UV radiation. We call these proprietary pipes and fittings POLYMELT UV, and they were developed specifically for use outdoors and sunny areas.

POLYMELT UV is the world’s first audited, UV-resistant PP-R piping system that can be fused together with heat the same way as standard PP-R. This specially developed material ensures reliable, longlasting UV resistance. Because of this unique property, POLYMELT UV is ideal for situations where the pipe distribution is exposed to long-term UV radiation, including outdoor drinking-water and irrigation systems.

The resistance of our POLYMELT UV system against UV radiation was tested by an accredited lab in planned intervals. Samples were periodically taken in order to check for any possible mechanical changes based on a tensile test. The test’s irradiation rate was equivalent to more than 10 years spent outdoors in the city of Assuan, Egypt, which experiences one of the highest annual rates of UV radiation on the planet.

POLYMELT UV does not leach chemicals and is approved for contact with potable water. It’s the best choice for boiler connection on the top to the tapping points both outdoors and indoors. It can be used as an ideal distribution system for hot and cold water in residential and commercial buildings as well as for irrigation systems.

If you think POLYMELT UV PP-R piping might be a good fit for your building project, contact POLYMELT America today for a free consultation. We offer a 10-year warranty on all of our pipes and fittings.