When POLYMELT America brought our parent company’s storied products to the North American marketplace at last, many in the industry assumed we would set up our headquarters in glamorous Los Angeles or New York City. We considered it. But in the end, we knew another great, American city was the best place of POLYMELT America to start: Houston, Texas.

There are many reasons why we made the decision that we did. First and foremost, of course, was Houston’s incredible population and building boom. Houston has been one of the fastest-growing cities in North America for years, building a diverse population base and a diversified economy to go with it. Construction in this city is everywhere, from street-level to the enormous cranes above in the sky. Texas’ business-friendly regulations and Houston’s welcoming culture have made this metropolitan region a hotbed for growth and industry, particularly in energy, healthcare, and housing. Now, POLYMELT America will join in, ensuring that Houstonians have access to the world’s best premium polypropylene piping systems to improve the durability, longevity, and cost-efficiency of building projects in the city.

It wasn’t just the numbers that convinced POLYMELT America to start with Houston, Texas, however. There is also what the city stands for. Houston is home to great innovation. The home of NASA, this city is a place where people dream big and build big. The first full artificial heart transplant took place here. Incredible new energy technologies are created and put into practice here. Houstonians believe they can do anything, and they demand to have the best tools and products at their disposal in order to accomplish their plans. We respect that greatly. Our parent company, POLYMELT, has been a leading international innovator in plastic piping for six decades. We look forward to living and working in a city that prizes innovation as much as we do.

More than that, Houston is tough. Even in Europe, it’s well-known that Texans are hard-working people who take pride in their strength and toughness. That’s how POLYMELT America sees ourselves and our products, too. We produce PP pipe featuring ultra-durable, five-layer construction that almost never leaks. It lasts longer than steel, and the heat-fused joints in our piping systems are as tough as anything in the history of pipes despite being far lighter than traditional metallics. Our products are built to last and never break—just like the city that bounced back from the catastrophic flooding of Hurricane Harvey.

There are other factors that made Houston attractive, as well. It’s located in almost the exact center of North America, for instance. Someday soon, POLYMELT America plans to be doing business in every major metropolitan center on the continent, and more than a few of the smaller ones, too. For now, however, we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new home. Houston, we are ready to launch.