We’re very proud of all of the product innovations we’ve made over the past 60 years at POLYMELT. But perhaps none of them have been as revolutionary as the incredible breakthrough represented by our one-of-a-kind POLYMELT UV piping systems.

Our German-made POLYMELT UV system is the world’s first audited, UV-resistant PP-R system of pipe sand fittings that can be fused together the same way as standard PP-R. The specially developed material used to construct our five-layer POLYMELT UV systems ensures incredible UV resistance that was impossible in a plastic piping system only a few short years ago.

Reinforced with layers of glass fiber and coated with a special, UV-resistant outer layer, POLYMELT UV was developed specifically for situations where the pipe distribution must necessarily be exposed to UV radiation. This unique UV-resistance makes it especially suitable for installation in outdoor environments, such as outdoor mechanical applications, irrigation systems, and more.

The resistance of POLYMELT UV against UV radiation has been confirmed by an accredited test laboratory. In planned intervals during the complete process, samples were taken in order to check possible mechanical changes based on a tensile test. The UV radiation rate tested was equivalent to more than 10 years of sun in the city of Assuan, Egypt, the city that receives the highest annual level of UV radiation in the world.

Naturally, POLYMELT UV retains all of the typical benefits afforded by our PP-R products:

• corrosion free
• fast flow rate
• fast and easy installation
• low linear expansion
• high stability

In addition, though, POLYMELT guarantees our products. We offer a 10-year warranty on every product we sell, and in the case of POLYMELT UV, that warranty includes UV resistance for 10 years. If your pipes crack or fail in the first 10 years, we will replace and repair as needed for free.

POLYMELT UV is an ideal distribution system for exposed mechanical applications in residential and commercial buildings as well as for irrigation systems.If you’d like to know more about POLYMELT UV products, contact us today for a free consultation.