Tighter funding, stricter regulations, and the old-fashioned ups and downs of the building industry have made investors, specifiers, and contractors increasingly aware of the need to build more intelligently. With builders around the world seeking out new efficiencies, many are turning to POLYMELT due to lightweight durability and potential for piping system pre-fabrication, or offsite construction.

The major advantage of offsite construction is the high standard of assembly achieved on production lines. POLYMELT polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings can be easily transported to site and then simply lifted into position. Quality is assured through tight controls on production, and the specialist skills of the teams involved. Pipes can cut to length and fusion-jointed as needed; the only limitations on your pre-fabricated design are the size of vehicles which transport the assemblies and the ability to handle them upon their arrival at your building site or offsite construction factory.

For contractors, pre-fabrication of pipe assemblies means that overall piping installation time is significantly reduced. Pre-fabrication leaves installers with far less cutting and jointing to do on site, so systems are ready for testing and commissioning sooner. This efficiency translates to fewer people on site, less equipment needed, and less waste to remove. Because thermal fusion of larger diameter pipes is technically more challenging than smaller pipes, it makes good economic sense to complete as many of these joints as possible under ideal conditions in the factory, rather than on site.

POLYMELT pipes are manufactured from PP-R, a non-polluting and future-oriented material. Pipes and fittings such as sockets, elbows, or tees are fused to create a tough, homogenous connection.

Our long-lasting and durable polypropylene pipes are lighter than comparable steel and copper pipework, making them ideal for fast, efficient transportation and pre-fabrication. If you’re ready for a smater, more efficient piping pre-fabrication solution, contact us today. We’ll provide a free consultation and quote customized to your project’s unique needs.