The superiority of polypropylene (PP-R) piping systems compared to their metallic counterparts in the areas of weight, lifespan, and cost-efficiency have metal pipe manufacturers looking for any excuse to cast aspersions on our products. In a way, we can’t blame them—POLYMELT PP-R piping systems are the next evolution of piping, and our commitment to innovation is an existential threat to the old way of doing things.

But it’s time for the fiction from “experts” with an agenda to stop.

Recently, an editorial was published on titled “Codes Must be Responsive to Current and Future Hazards.” This article implied that plastic pipes somehow contribute to an increase in cancer rates among firefighters. No evidence backing this claim was given—only insinuation. Any increase in cancer rates among firefighters is concerning, and the causes are being investigated. POLYMELT supports any such investigation. However, there is no evidence to connect this issue with plastic pipe, which are installed behind walls, ceilings and floors. In fact, any such efforts to connect these topics appears to be a flagrant exploitation of firefighters for the purpose of promoting antiquated piping materials.

POLYMELT’s PP-R pipes have been thoroughly tested for many years and comply with building codes around the world. They contain no hazardous chemical compounds, and while they are flammable like any plastic, the fumes are certainly no more toxic than those released by other combustible construction or building material.
The hit piece on plastic pipes published by details no evidence that plastic pipe systems are unhealthy in any way. Metallic pipe manufacturers are grasping at straws because our piping systems are longer-lasting, more flexible, more resistant to corrosion, lighter, and more sustainable. That’s why engineers, contractors, and building owners around the world are switching to POLYMELT for their needs—including piping systems inside fire stations and other public buildings.

It’s critical that piping systems contribute to building safety and pose no undue risks to firefighters or anyone else. POLYMELT is proud to manufacture products that can be used for a wide variety of applications with no link to cancer or any other illness. Metal pipe manufacturers are threatened because our products are superior and they know it. Unfortunately, baseless insinuation seems to be their only recourse.

For a full refutation of the evidence-free claims about plastic pipes and cancer, please read the joint response to the editorial from three plastic pipe trade organizations here:
Plastics Industry: Don’t Turn Clock Back on Innovation